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Starts May 14, 2020

Join me starting May 14th!

Destination Weddings

Before I became a travel advisor, I planned my own destination wedding in Puerto Rico. I know the stress couples experience when choosing a destination, venue, and vendors. I also know what it's like to receive a text saying guests X and Y missed their flight and won't make it in time.  With my help, and the help of trusted suppliers, you can avoid most of the typical wedding planning stress.


The first step is scheduling a consultation so you can describe what you envision for your destination wedding. I will take this information and curate a list of hotels, resorts, and/or cruises that are specific to your wants and needs.  I take local rules, regulations, and requirements into consideration when proposing a property.  


Once you make a decision, the fun begins and I start finalizing and booking different elements...the wedding contract, flights, transportation, etc. If you plan on having wedding guests, I will negotiate a group contract and create an informative website, so your guests can view the room options and request assistance with booking their travel. Each person/couple/family will receive their own digital itinerary and the same personal service.


I am dedicated to helping you find the perfect destination for your proposal, wedding, honeymoon, anniversary or other romantic occasion. Whether you want it to be just the two of you or a large group, I will help to ensure your romantic gathering is the event of your dreams!


Schedule your complimentary consultation below, or complete the DW Questionnaire to get started.

Venue Options


If you want an easy to plan wedding, a complimentary wedding coordinator, and quality time with your guests, all without hidden costs, an all-inclusive resort wedding may be perfect for you.  Did I mention that many included perks for the wedding couple?

After the wedding, you can choose to stay at the resort for your honeymoon, so no packing and unpacking needed. 


All-inclusive resorts are also great locations for your bachelor/bachelorette parties and honeymoon!

Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels tend to have a wonderful personality and great service. 

Many are also steeped in history and can lend a bit of romance to your stay, as well as a unique backdrop to your photos.

These properties are perfect for a buyout, making your wedding extremely private.

Castles & Chateaux

If you want to feel like royalty, nothing is better than a wedding at a castle, chateau, or countryside villa.  From medieval to rustic with modern touches, these castles are sure to delight!

A few things to keep in mind:


• Some require a complete buyout for       


• They may not have a dedicated wedding

   coordinator or wedding services.  

Cruises & Yachts

If you are looking for a simple wedding surrounded by lots of fun activities to keep you and your guests entertained, consider getting married on a cruise ship.  

Choosing the right cruise line and ship is a little cumbersome, as there are hundreds of ship and thousands of itineraries to choose from.  

Keep in mind, not all cruise lines, ships or itineraries offer weddings.  Some ships are perfect for a buyout.

The Great Outdoors

Fresh air and majestic views make for an unforgettable wedding and amazing wedding photos!


Make sure to think about the time of year and what you plan on wearing, as the terrain and weather play a large factor here.

Indian & South Asian Weddings

There are a handful of resorts that offer beautiful, traditional Indian weddings in the Caribbean.


They are well versed in the décor, traditions, and multi-day events many couples want. 


Make it your own with custom options that are sure to wow your guests!

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