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Travel Advisor versus Online Booking: Why You Should Choose Me

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

With so many online travel options available to consumers on the internet, you might be wondering why you would ever need to rely on a travel advisor to book your trip. The rise of online travel agencies has led to the idea that travelers can easily book their own trips, and that travel advisors are simply unnecessary. But if you’ve ever attempted to search flights or lodging accommodations online, you’ve likely been overwhelmed by the amount of information returned in your search results. With all of the choices offered online, how do you know what option is right for you? This is one reason why it’s so important to enlist the help of an experienced travel advisor.

This online booking engine search for San Juan yields over 80 accommodation options.

People often search for flights and accommodations, convinced they’ll find the best deals on the internet. But did you know travel advisors can access the same options, and can sometimes offer benefits that are unavailable on the internet? There are many costs to consider when planning a trip, and you’ll want to be sure that you know exactly what you’re getting when you’re ready to book. As a travel advisor, I can extend my knowledge and experience, as well as my access to trusted travel industry contacts to personally create an itinerary to suit your needs. You’ll also enjoy some of the exclusive benefits and perks I can offer thanks to my professional relationships. Although I charge a fee, I do this for your benefit. Rather than work with a limited list of “preferred” suppliers who pay the best commission rates, I will choose the best supplier for your specific needs. You should be the focus of your travel advisor’s efforts, not supplier commission.

Since you are my focus, I will also know if it is your birthday or anniversary, if you have any allergies that your resort restaurants should be aware of, and if you like extra pillows on your bed. I will also check in with you upon your arrival to make sure everything went smoothly. I am at your service for the duration of your trip. A booking website or Costco certainly will not provide any of these personalized services.

Another reason to trust a travel advisor is that some obstacles are sometimes unavoidable, and you may become frustrated by some of the difficulties you’ll possibly encounter on your journey. Whether you need to check in to your hotel early after an exhaustingly long night of travel or rebook a suddenly canceled flight, I will personally handle those details. Your peace of mind will remain undisturbed as I find solutions, so you can relax and enjoy your experience. You’ll benefit from the connections and relationships I have cultivated as they smooth over any issues that may arise.

I am passionate about creating travel experiences that you will remember for a lifetime, and it’s important to me that you trust my knowledge and ongoing experience as an expert travel planning. I can share unparalleled knowledge about the best places to visit because I am a certified destination specialist in over 20 destinations, as well as being a certified supplier specialist with many of the world’s top hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators. So not only can I recommend the best accommodation options to meet your needs, but I am be familiar with the sites, attractions, culture, and geography of your chosen destination. You will custom receive travel tips to make certain you have a memorable visit.

You will always come out ahead when you work with a travel advisor. Dedicated professionals and ASTA members like me are here to help you when you're ready to take advantage of the knowledge, connections, and perks that only our clients can enjoy. I look forward to helping you plan your next unforgettable trip!

Click below to see some of the itineraries I can customize for you.

If you still want to book some vacations yourself, you can still get the benefits of having a travel agent in your corner by booking with custom links found here.

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