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Tips on Documenting Your Travels

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Gone are the days where photo albums lined the shelves and boxes of printed photographs from vacation are lovingly stored and forgotten about in a dark closet. These days it’s not unusual to take hundreds of photos on vacation, most of which are stored on a cell phone or downloaded onto a computer or hard drive. Unlike cell phones, tripods and cameras are inconvenient so many of these photos are selfies. And if you want to include the whole family in front of the Colosseum you might have to ask a complete stranger to help you out, and pray that the picture comes out well.

I have been there and done that. After taking some incredible trips with my family and coming home with over a thousand (good but not amazing) pictures, I decided I am going to try something new! One of the best things you can do on your vacation is hire a professional photographer. For a few hundred dollars, you can hire a professional to take photographs that are guaranteed to be brag-worthy! Not only do they know a good angle, a local photographer can recommend the best areas to take photographs in. The photographs will be high resolution so you can use them for anything, including large prints.

Now for the second problem...actually enjoying your photos after vacation. My favorite way to make sure we get to reminisce about our travels is to choose my favorite photograph, order a large print, and frame it in our house. Friends and family also get to enjoy the photos and ask questions about our trips when they visit.

Some other options for your photographs are:

  • Start a private travel blog for family and friends. You can post photos and keep your notes. If you don’t want to share so much, keep a blog for your children, so they can revisit their wonderful childhood memories.

  • Hire someone to integrate your photos, videos, and stories for easy viewing and storage.

  • If you still love the feeling of holding onto something tangible, like a journal or photo album, consider a photo frame.

  • Add the pictures as a rotating television or computer screensaver (on compatible devices).

Although most people remember their travels vividly, having a visual reminder also brings up the happiness and relaxation one felt while away. Figure out which options are best for you and start truly enjoying your vacation photos!

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