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Planning A Vacation Is Good For Your Health

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

For the past year, we've only experienced new places and new things through pictures, movies, television, and books. We've dreamed about traveling and breaking out from the four walls of our homes...going to distant shores, exploring exotic lands, taking the time to decompress, de-stress, and focus on our inner selves. Now that travel is opening up again, those experiences are within reach, but you don't have to wait to work on your mental health on a long overdue vacation. You can start feeling the freedom your mind and body need just by planning your next trip. It's true and scientifically proven! Just thinking about being able to be travel gives people such infectious joy. But hurry up and book now, as hotels, tours, cruises and more are already selling out for 2022. Now is the perfect time to plan your travel. This is a period in history where everyone has the same desire to explore.

Simply planning a vacation helps your mental health. According to research, traveling is good for your mental health because it can enhance empathy, attention, energy, and focus. Traveling to foreign countries can also stimulate creativity. Just the process of planning a trip can almost be as enjoyable as going away itself. A study conducted by Cornell University in 2014 found that planning a vacation can boost your happiness tenfold. Another study by the University of Surrey found that people are their happiest when they have a trip on the calendar. The studies also found that people weren't so bothered by the "finer points" of their itinerary. It's all about connecting with people and talking about their plans. That's what's enjoyable about planning. The chemical that releases into our brains, the stimulation that we get when we have these connections with people is what gives us joy. The thought of having those connections back will be the greatest pleasure and give us the optimism we need. One of the researchers on the Cornell study, Matthew Killingsworth, says "we start to ‘consume’ a trip as soon as we start thinking about it," so of course planning helps our mental health.

The best thing to do right now, as travel opens up again, is to get inspired. Read up on places you want to explore. Feel free to email or call me to discuss the places you want to experience. This is the best time to talk to me about the best ways of accomplishing your traveling dreams. People are traveling again, so don't be afraid to make some solid plans. All signs are pointing to year-round travel plans with little shoulder season availability as travelers are making up for lost time. Also, if you book something right now you might be covered by flexible traveler supplier policies, meaning if you book and travel takes another pivot, you're covered because the suppliers know about the unpredictability of the current climate. All signs are pointing to year-round travel plans with little shoulder season availability as travelers are making up for lost time.

If you can't wait to plan your next getaway, don't hesitate to contact me. Whether you're planning or experiencing, your mental health will thank you.

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