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The Process

We Start with a Conversation
This is the most important part of the whole process.  It is when you get a feel for who I am and how I work, and I get a feel for who you are as a traveler and what kind of trip suits you best.  

You Are Matched
Now we figure out, which destination, hotel or journey is right for you. Whether you’ve already picked a place or just want to get on a plane headed Elsewhere, this is where I take what you’ve told me and offer you inspiration, swap ideas, bounce suggestions, and help you refine your options. 

We Plan Out the Basics
Next we will plot the general itinerary...the order of days and regions, discuss different sights and activities, review accommodation options, etc.  This is your trip’s framework which we will build on.

We Fill in the Blanks
This is where I take what I have learned about you, go through all the options, filter them down to those I think fit you best, and present you with a drafted itinerary, with each day scheduled until it’s as busy or as relaxed as you wish.

Final Tweaks
I will collaborate with you to fine-tune the small details and make last-minute changes, making sure the whole trip flows seamlessly.   Once this is done, your reservations will be finalized.

Prior to Departure
All of your required documents will be available in your digital itinerary.  Your itinerary contains your confirmations, travel vouchers, contact numbers, and helpful pieces of local information.  I will call you a few days before to review everything and answer any questions you may have.


"Jessica was meticulous and planned and absolutely wonderful holiday for our family!  She took care of every last details and guided us perfectly.  There were 8 of us and everyone was thrilled with our entire vacation!"


Jessica’s bookings for me have shown that she has a lot of experiences and is very knowledgeable about her job. She responds promptly. She is efficient and friendly, very easy to work with


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