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Sample Itineraries

If you've already booked your trip, send me all of your travel plans and I’ll put them together in a customized itinerary so you can leave the paperwork behind. All confirmations and relevant links will be accessible online, on a convenient app, and offline so you won't misplace anything.  You also have the option of adding a friend or family member to your itinerary so someone knows your travel details in case there is an emergency.

You can view all your trip details online, offline, or via an app.

Luxury Beach House

Trip Itinerary

Basic Example

Have all of your trip components in one easily accessible place. Local recommendations can be added upon request.

Cruise Itinerary

Basic Example

This organizational itinerary includes information about the ship as well as port information. 

Pre-booked items (excursions, spa treatments, specialty restaurants, etc.) can be emailed to me when confirmed.

Image by Fernando Jorge

Are you ready to have your trip organized by a certified travel advisor?

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