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If you've ever been on a cruise and come across a little rubber duck hiding in a plant or on the elevator, you have met a "Cruise Duck"!  Still have no idea what I'm talking about?  Let me explain. 

The Original Cruise Duck

Legend has it that a creative little 10 year old was set to embark on a cruise in 2018, and she wanted to spread some vacation cheer.  So she attached little notes to 50 rubber duckies and set about hiding them all over a cruise ship...and it was a huge hit!


Ever since, cruisers of all ages have run with the idea.  This hobby has become so popular, there there is a formal Facebook group called Cruising Ducks - Original that has over 226,000 being me!

Duck Etiquette

While cruise ducks are all about fun, it's essential that you are respectful of the cruise line and other passengers.  They are:

If you find a duck:

  • Take a photo of yourself with the duck, or just the duck, and post it to the "Cruising Ducks - Original" Facebook group. 

  • You can choose to keep your new friend or re-hide it.

If you found a duck and want to re-hide it, or you plan on hiding a bunch of your own:

  • DO NOT hide ducks in a pool or hot tub.  We don't want a child to fall in attempting to reach it.

  • DON'T hide ducks in the shops.  We don't want anyone to look like they're stealing something or get employees reprimanded.

  • DON'T hide ducks anywhere they can fall overboard. Even though it's a duck, marine life will not appreciate its presence.

  • Travel related business cannot promote their business. This is against cruise line policy.

  • DO hide ducks low to give little ones a chance of finding them.

  • DO get creative with your duck choices. There are ducks of all sizes, and it isn't limited to rubber duckies.  I've hear any duck goes!

  • DO bring tags to attach to your duck(s).  Include your name and where you're from, along with instructions for those that find them.  Cruising Ducks - Original recommends:

"Oh, what luck. You found a duck! Keep or hide, you decide. You found a cruising duck hidden by [name] from [city, state, country]. Hide in public places only — no pools, hot tubs or stores. Take a photo, and post it in the Facebook group 'Cruising Ducks - Original.'"

  • DO have fun!

Duck Friendly Cruise Lines

  • Carnival Cruise Line

  • Celebrity Cruises

  • Disney Cruise Line

  • Holland America

  • MSC Cruises

  • Princess Cruises

  • Royal Caribbean International

  • and more!


Are you ready to hide some ducks?!

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